current teaching

In Fall 2021, I am teaching MATH 4450/6450 (Computational Number Theory and Cryptology) at the University of Georgia.

previous courses taught


In 2013, I received the Sidney Fine Teaching Award at the University of Michigan. Each year, the award is given to one undergraduate student (in any discipline) with demonstrated potential to become an inspiring teacher and scholar.


In 2020, I advised an reading group of seven UGA graduate students. We studied applications of tropical geometry to bounding rational points on curves via Chabauty's method. We met weekly to discuss readings and work through sample excercises in preparation for the 2020 Arizona Winter School.

In 2020, I was a study group leader for a group working on understanding variants of (classical) Chabauty's method at the Arizona Winter School.

In 2016, I mentored a high school student through the PRIMES USA program. We studied fast point counting methods for proper regular models of (possibly singular) plane curves over prime order fields defined by an equation with three non-zero coefficients. The problem was proposed by Drew Sutherland.

From 2015 to 2019, I worked with a total of five undergraduates in independent reading projects on interesting topics outside of the standard mathematical curriculum through the MIT Directed Reading Program.

art of problem solving

In my spare time, I sometimes teach online courses for Art of Problem Solving. I taught Intermediate Algebra in the summer of 2016. I previously taught an AMC 12 prep course in the summer of 2015.